Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Wiser Shade of Yoda

Polarities Of The Mind

You have to laugh at the whole
Dark and Light Side
Portrayed in the
Star Wars;

Good against Evil!!! 

. . . they are opposites,
 or polarities . . .

. . . for example,
Likes and dislikes, rights and wrongs
Conditioned attitudes, beliefs and opinions

Thinking Mind.

One polarity,
by its very existence within the
Mind of Man,

Creates the other.

The realization of
Immediately moves one to a point of 


Where all
Opposites or Polarities
are moved

Fact or Truth
Any given situation is seen to

It could be said that


" Wise is he who walks on neither the dark nor light side.
In truth neither exist, 
for truth transcends all pairs of opposites."

A wiser shade of Yoda!



  1. Good to have you back posting, Doug! :)

    My Guru once told me that there is no good and evil. It is only difference in energy vibration that we ultimately label as "positive" and "negative"; but in wider context, it's simply energy vibration, energy flow...

    Yet I still think Yoda is wise (just like Mater Oogway in Kungfu Panda :p)

    Anyway, nice new pic of yours on the FB-badge. You look a lot younger and energetic :D

  2. Walking the Way is truly a narrow like a Katana's slip and you are cut in two!

  3. Yes, ok Rizal . . Yoda spouts wisdom, of a sort ;-)

    All, yes ALL, polarities within the mind can be transcended. The point of entry, in my experience, is what I've realized to be the real PMA, which is Present Moment Awareness (not a positive mental attitude, ha, ha).

    The point of entry into the 'Narrow Way' is 'PRESENCE'. Presence and BEING are synonymous. Being is of this moment . . one is either being in the moment or lost in the conditioned personality. The conditioned personality is conditioned by a life time's gathering of attitudes, beliefs, opinions and attachments . . all of which are polarity based . . .

    Thanks for the kind comments, that pic of me on fb was taken by my partner this month. The lighting was kind to me ;-)

    It's good to be back . . .

  4. Shinzen of the Narrow path . . hi again . . but I walk no path my friend, the way and the path are not one! ;-)

    What am I saying? A path is taking you somewhere, but one of the great realizations is that there is nowhere to go, no path to follow ... for The Way is of this moment and this moment alone! That is why I describe it as 'The Narrow Way', ... for it is the way of 'Being in the Present Moment' There is only Now, regardless of the minds desire to argue against it; only now is real.

    As always, many thanks for following the path along this way . . . :-)

  5. Exactly! Beautifully stated.

    Although in Stars Wars, it was kind of revealed that there is no distinction between the opposing sides. Darth Vader transcended his "dark side" and it was revealed how it was the same mind behind both the Empire and the rebellion.

    The Matrix, which one might say is dualistic (good vs evil) also transcends the stereo typical labels in this way. All the machines weren't evil, and all the humans weren't good.

    I love movies with a deeper meaning!

  6. On a similar note, check out this post I did last March. :-)
    Yoda: Enlightened Being

  7. Your blog entry I like! Have to admit, though, that the archetypes of Star Wars are terribly appealing. And that scene where Darth Vader reveals he's Luke's father - stories don't get any better than that!

  8. C. Om, hi, good to see you back in the blogging world ... and thanks for the comment on here. I also enjoy movies with a deeper meaning, including the original Matrix. I'd better follow the white rabbit over to your 'Yoda' blog post ;-)

  9. Hello Suzanne, yes . . it's all enjoyable, and it is also good to realize that many aspects of those story lines are true, but not necessarily The Truth! For me, moving beyond all pairs of opposites within my psyche, was like an ontological jump in the level of being. But I do understand the appeal of such movies :-)

  10. Beauty walks a razor's edge,
    Someday I'll make it mine."
    Bob Dylan.

    Hey Bob: Why not today?

    The Way is not The Path!
    Nice observation.
    The Way is, without doing.
    The Path is nothing if not doing.

  11. Is there another day? I can't remember the last moment too well let alone yesteryear and, fine poet-singer-songwriter that he was, Bob hadn't realized that there is no tomorrow . . .

    . . . anyhow Crow, 'someday' my ship will come in ;-)