Tuesday, 12 January 2010


As we were having so much fun on my
last post I thought a little more of
the same was called for.
OK, it's not my
normal posting
style, but
        I'm  . . .

. . . still enjoying the innocent state
of my Inner-sense!



  1. Hey this is fresh! Must be spontaneously taken from the oven :)

  2. This is one great cartoon. If you listen carefully, the subtle sound of the universe is just one big purr...eternal bliss.

  3. Pleased you both enjoyed it!

    Yes Rizal, freshly baked Purvanic bliss straight from Purville!

    Shinzen . . nicely put, yes the subtle sound of the One(uni) Song(verse) is indeed one big purrrr . . fect moment!

    I call it 'The Echo of the Eternal Moment of Creation'; which is also 'The Word' Biblically speaking, and Aum or Om etc. The one vibration of the original, Eternal moment . . The Now . . call it what you will; the truth is not in the label used but in the realization of the moment!

    Once again, many thanks for participating :)