Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Think Less?


To be mindful you have to think less; to think less and less and less leads, gradually, to stillness of mind; the still mind is centered in inner peace, and this is the purity out of which we unfold. 

We? Yes we, what we really are, or our reality. 

What you really are is discovered within a thoughtless mind, which is a mind of pure and clear perception. 


Tuesday, 29 September 2009


. . . is the product of an emptied mind, which is simply a mind free of discursive thought and emotional reactivity.'  

Moving Beyond Limitations

‘Only the individual who enlightens his or her mind, by liberating it from the ignorance of its conditioning, lives in the natural state of being and is therefore free of problematic living and unhappiness.’ 

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Paradise On Earth?

'What is it to live in paradise? It is simply this moment lived free of psychological and emotional unhappiness . . . . . . which is not such an easy thing to do; to live free of unhappiness. It's simple to explain, but not easy to put into practice, which is why it requires some practice . . . ;-)' 1yogi2many

Friday, 25 September 2009


'You're never unhappy, right?

That's rubbish! Of course you are unhappy from time to time . . unhappiness being that aspect of yourself that feels psychological and emotional pain, misery and suffering at any time; that is unhappiness acting through you. 

Unhappiness takes possession of your mind and emotions . . even your actions . . and you in turn inflict your unhappy condition on those around you; don't you, from time to time? No? Wow, that makes you pretty perfect then . . . . . . um, that was me being a little tongue in cheek ;-) . . .

. . . so don't feel offended by what I write or say, don't take offense unless you are going to make use of your taking offense by observing just what it is within you that is taking offense! 

If you can observe your self being offended in any given situation, you can then separate from it, separate from the thing that is feeling offended, or angry, or unhappy; and that is the beginning of self-mastery

You begin to master your self by observing your self thinking problematically and getting emotional. That is just the beginning though :-) 

You will only become the Master of yourself through this process of self-observation and self-separation . . . which eventually leads to a fresh and new state of unity, wholeness and completeness of being; a re-integration.'  


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Who is The Master?

'If you are not the master of thought, and therefore the master of your mind, then you are mastered by thought; and the mind is your master!'  

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Thinking or Perceiving?

'What's the difference between the thinking mind and the mind that perceives? '

'Well, when the mind is thinking aimlessly or problematically, with a will of its own, your intelligence gets lost in the stream of thought. 

The stream of old worn out thoughts, beliefs and conditioned thinking and emotionalizing simply masks your intelligence, 
which would be able to perceive everything with clarity if the mind were perfectly still.'

You Think You Have Problems?

'Thoughtless people are enlightened people because they do NOT think problematically. In fact, let's face it, they don't think . . . they perceive' 

Friday, 11 September 2009

Thoughtlessness = Enlightenment: How?

The thoughtlessness philosophy is not new, no, it is ancient, which accounts for its age ;-) . . . 
. . . you should be mindful of that! 

Thoughtlessness requires you not to think; but is it possible not to think? 

What happens to the mind that manages to become still, does it vegetate, we'll have to find out folks?

Why would anyone even contemplate such a thing? 

We'll explore all such questions, that's what we'll do together, but only if you hang around; will you? 

After all I'm actually asking you to act thoughtlessly, or am I? Is there any connection between thoughtlessness and enlightenment? 

Oh yes, for sure there is, because only when discursive thinking is slowed right down do you begin to experience what is known as 'illumination', which is the state of being where the mind starts to become 'still' yet it remains fully 'alert' and intelligently present. 

Illumination precedes enlightenment, which means that you have to go through a long process of gradual illumination of the brain before you can experience the enlightened state of being. 

So, yes, the enlightened state does indeed require you to still discursive thought, but only so that pure intelligence, unadulterated by aimless and problematic thinking, can take over your psychic or mental space. 

There you have it; thoughtless people are enlightened people because enlightened people think less problematically :-)  



'The most manifest signs of enlightenment are ease of being and cheerfulness of being. The most manifest signs of an unenlightened mind are psychological unhappiness and emotional reactivity.' 

Still Thinking about it?

'Thoughtlessness is the solution everyone is looking for. So, stop thinking all you thoughtless people, and put some thought into how to enlighten your brains through thoughtlessness.'  

Thinking again?

'Being, being thoughtless . . doesn't think . . I think that's right?'


'I don't think . . therefore I am thoughtless.'