Thursday, 1 October 2009

How Thoughtless I Am . . .

‘OK, we all know that most people consider the word ‘thoughtless’ to carry negative connotations, right? They say things like “Wow, what a thoughtless bastard s/he is.” Or words to that effect! But what if we drop the need to judge the word as being either negative or positive, what then? 

Read the word again, but this time drop the judgmental aspect, simply see the word:  

What is it to be free of thought, or simply to think less? 
Have you ever considered it as a possible way of life . . . 
. . . not to think? 

OK, that seems difficult to consider let alone put into practice, but what would be the end result? 

You don’t know do you? Sure, you may have a few opinions and beliefs on the subject, but you can’t possibly know what a ‘thoughtless’ state of mind might really be like because you don’t presently have that experience; is that correct, am I making sense? 

You have to have an experience before you can know what it is really like, otherwise all you have is a blind opinion. 

So, what if thought is not the great God that it’s made out to be; in fact it could be more of a devil than a God . . . how will you know with any certainty if you don’t investigate the subject in fine detail? 

The fact is you won’t know, will you, if you don’t make an effort, and what then? 

Well, you’ll be left with what you have right now; your old worn out attitudes to life and your beliefs and opinions born out of your past experiences; which equates to your conditioning . . . 

. . . wouldn’t you prefer to experience every moment as being fresh and new?’  



  1. Thats what Aurobindo says as "Mental Stillness". Its hard to achieve for me :(.

  2. Don't try to achieve anything, it'll only lead to an 'Epic' failure if you do. When one simply 'is', then you discover that stillness is the natural undercurrent . . and that thought has its place therein.

    May I be so bold as to suggest one simply becomes the observer of the mind and thought at this stage. That in itself would be a fresh and new start Epic Fairy (•‿•)