Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jnana Yoga

  Walk This Way . . .

I am a Jnana Yogi, it is my specialty, but I don't use eastern words because they only confuse the westernized mind; no, I use modern English words.

The word Jnana simply means 'Knowledge/Wisdom'; but it is Self-knowledge (knowledge about the truth of yourself), not worldly knowledge, that Jnana Yoga cultivates.

In becoming a Jnana Yogi I studied the truth of 'self' for many years and discovered that one day I was no longer a Jnana Yogi . . .

. . . I realized that I had moved beyond a name or label.

I am no longer a Jnana Yogi and yet I remain one, what a confusing paradox this is; and yet there is no confusion here. I am now free of all labels, free of all concepts, and as such I have realized that what I am is as nothing; and yet paradoxically it is out of this nothingness that everything unfolds as this moment, the here and Now.

Therefore I am 'The Now' or I am this state of 'Presence', which is free of all concepts, attitudes, opinions and beliefs.

I am free of likes and dislikes; free of attachment to anything outside of this 'Greater Truth-Reality-Integrity' that I've now realized as my very being.

. . . therefore what you think of me is none of my business; meaning that I have no fear of your beliefs or opinions, I see right through them, I know their source is ignorance itself. Now, if you were free of such limitations, well, that would be a different subject, then I would be ready to listen . . .

. . . what about you? ;-)


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