Monday, 5 October 2009

You Can't Lose Love . . . but you may think you can!

Its been said:

'You only lose what you cling to.'

'Emotional attachment is you holding onto something, something that you're afraid you might lose; but this is not love, there is no fear within love, it cannot be lost!' 

'If I cling to nothing . . then there is nothing to cling to . . . and love is.' 

'One can only cling to something that one is attached to on an emotional level. Who, or what, is it doing the clinging? Who is attached . . ?' 

'Love is letting go of fear, letting go of attachment and letting go of the last moment.' 

'In the beginning, which is always this moment, there is nothing to cling to; let go' 

'Love is this moment lived free of the need to cling to anyone or anything.' 

'Love is this moment lived free of psychological or emotional attachment.' 

'Love is surrendering to what is.' 

'Remove what you are not and what remains? The perfection of your being; Joy, Bliss and the Love of Consciousness.' 

'What is, is already perfect, the imperfection is your conditioned ignorance.' 

'Your conditioned ignorance is the past in you.' 'Let go of your conditioned past and what is left? Perfection . . or love.'


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