Monday, 5 October 2009

A Better World Begins With . . . ?

'Looking for a better world to live in? Well here it is, make it so!' 

'You can't change the world, even if you like to think you can, but you can make a difference by being the change the world needs.' 

'All change begins within s/he who would like there to be change in the world; so, be the change . . make a difference within yourself first.' 

'As within, so without. A conditioned mind reaps a world of external conditioning.' 

'Dissipation of all conditioning within leads to a life lived free of all false external conditions.' 

'How does one dissipate all false conditioning within oneself? Through the power of self-observation; which is your naked attention turned within and observing/watching all your thoughts, feelings and consequent actions/behavior.'  


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