Thursday, 10 December 2009

The High Road to Truth . . .

"The higher always understands the lower,
the brute level of mind will never comprehend the 
but the 
has already moved beyond 
the brute minds 
thus it understands it 



  1. "The mind that is stretched can never return to its old shape" I don't remember who said this, but your poem reminded me of it.

  2. I wouldn't call it a poem so much as an observation Shinzen;-) I do appreciate what you say here, as always, and I love the stretchy mind analogy, it's so accurate, thanks.

    Ta-Wan, stop making for a boring comment will you ;-P

  3. Hi Doug :)

    I see we have similar way of writing :)

    Anyway, it's nice to read your post. "The higher always understand the lower"... now I understand why I have difficulty in making most people understand what I mean...

    Or is it me who is lower and thus cannot understand them? :D

  4. Nice to meet you Rizal Affif,

    Thanks for passing by and participating. Well now, isn't all of this spiritual 'stuff' full of paradox and the like? I sometimes play devils advocate it seems . . .

    . . . in truth there is no higher or lower because 'truth' is a point of perfect equilibrium between all pairs of opposites, well, that is my experience ;-)

    On the other hand, when one reaches that point of balance, harmony etc. within one's self, one realizes a 'Greater' Reality-Truth-Integrity than one can know or understand whilst lost in the individuality of personal will. Again I speak only from a point of 'direct experience' . . rather than belief or opinion.

    Yes, everyone is equal as Ta-Wan implied on his blog today and the Rambling Taoist and Shinzen expressed so well; but some of us, courtesy of an expansion of our consciousness, realize something greater. The realization then is that there is only 'One', or Oneness, or Being or consciousness, or whatever label one chooses to describe the indescribable . . .

    Well now, what say you Rizal?