Friday, 11 December 2009

Summit to see!

"Most people are
trudging through the valley,
some walk in circles
around the
bottom of the mountain,
few get to see the view from the
having said that,
I haven't grown wings as yet
I'll be leaving the
to the birds."




  1. There is no moment more or less important than any other moment. Walking through the valley and standing on the summit are equal in that without one, the other would not have the same significance.

    Realizing things allows your wings to grow. :-)

  2. Hi C. Om . . thanks for taking the time to pay a visit and make comment :)

    Well now, I have discovered that there is only one moment, it just appears to the conditioned mind that there is more than one, or a chain of moments . . .

    . . and it is my experience that this one moment is already perfect, therefore, yes, every 'seeming' moment is perfect exactly as it is. Having said that, I can look back retrospectively (but without attachment), and say that at one time I trudged through the valley and spent some moments walking in circles!

    But my direct realization is that 'The Moment' and 'Be-ing' are one and the same, which is why I say that I am 'Present Moment Awareness' or Being, take your choice because no label is the thing.

    In truth, I Doug McMillan, have no reality whatsoever my friend, there is no one here, only Presence, consciousness or Being unfolding as all form; that's it . . and everything simply unfolds through that being-ness.

    The fact is that the great majority of the population are, spiritually, valley walkers (there's nothing right or wrong about that). There are others who become attached to some aspect of the so called spiritual life and stay there, walking in circles around the mountain . . and then there are those who let go of all attachment-belief-opinion and, in so doing, they get to a summit that doesn't really exist ;-) . . . where a greater reality-truth-integrity is realized. That is the end of the conditioned person or individuality that manifests as separation; there is only being or 'One'.

    . . and yet wings are not necessary for this form, the one with a worldly label . . . there is no way to grow wings and fly anywhere or do anything other than to be (although I take your point).

    There is only one moment, one being, all else is ignorance.

    Now, for what it's worth to others, that is my realization and the message unfolding through me :)