Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I wouild like to thank
for producing this
amazing picture
for promoting this,
my blog,
on his own
wonderful blog.

As Tao-Wow says, get your:
"Funny relief from spiritual garbage with MonkMojo"

Hey, get your enlightened ass over there real quick ;-)


. . . and don't forget a visit to Tao-Wow as well good people!


  1. Hi Doug, thanks for the link, I've returned the favour. Seemingly.

  2. Who said that? Don't worry, it was 'No one in particular', seemingly ;-)

    Thank you very much for popping by, as you may be aware, I'm an admirer of your blog site. I visit it often and I have made note of your astute comments on other blogs.

    It 'seems' to me that I am also no one in particular . . .

  3. Aren't we all? Or is it we all are? Words SUCK.

  4. For sure . . and . . for sure . . .

    Words may well suck, I haven't sucked on many lately, but I do take your point. Does it matter which order we them in put? Maybe, not maybe . . especially if your name is Yoda . . . (Oops, did I get the order wrong, Oh no!)

    An ability to communicate and make a succinct point helps, and you definitely have that in abundance.

    So, aren't we all no one in particular? Yes I would agree . . another way of putting it is to say that either we are all special, or no one is special. We are all the 'One' unfolding as the many, then awakening to being the 'one' again, and making a return trip; so it seems ;-)