Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hmmmm . . .

"What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating only endangered plants?"


This is a Quirk-ism:
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  1. I should have raised this point to the GreenPeace people who were out collecting money by inducing fear into people with their "extinction is forever" T-Shirts.

    How do they know the long term outcome of their own actions even?

    I did say to one guy: "What is the one method that can bring about peace?" and said No no no no no no to all of his answers until he finally said 'what then?' And I said "being peaceful".

  2. ShinZen was right here in 3 words.

  3. Exactly Ta-Wan.

    Of course your answers, ShinZen and Ta-Wan, are born of minds that have been transcended to reveal a Greater Truth-Reality-Integrity of Be-ing than the great majority of the worlds population have any idea about (not that there's anything wrong with that, that's just the way it is).

    My Quirkisms are born of equilibrium, The Middle Way, and I know that you know exactly what is implied here on this blog post. But how to reach the other 99.9% of the population? (not that I need to ;-)!

    It's interesting that we three have come from different spiritual backgrounds and yet we do see the same truth; well we would, wouldn't we, there is only one Truth to realize? I call this 'The Golden Thread of Truth' that runs through all spiritual teachings or disciplines.

    This State of Truth-Reality-Integrity can be realized within Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Yoga and all the other spiritual teachings. What each of us has done is to simply tap into the golden thread of truth that runs 'vertically' through the centre of each of us; whilst the great majority of people seem to stay on the surface of themselves; in the 'horizontal' field from birth to death.

    Having tapped into the golden thread of truth, which is realized as equilibrium, balance and harmony; The Middle Way, one can descend into the depths of our greater Reality-Truth-Integrity . . . into the nothingness out of which everything manifests.

    I feel another blog post coming on ;-)

  4. I have attempted to verbaise the thread idea before. Not as one going through teachings but as one vertically up the body. It seems to add a new dimension and a centerdness.

  5. Ah yes indeed,

    The Golden Thread is indeed vertical, but not just up the physical body, it is a vertical descent/ascent into the depths of being out of the surface conscious mind/life, into the sub-conscious (the thinker and dreamer), down into the Unconscious (deep dreamless sleep), then jumping across chasm of fire/death into the realization of immortality as the psychic double (the realization that there is no death for 'I'), then into eternity (Oneness is realized) . . . . into infinity and beyond ;-)

    But there is a physical thread up the spinal column for sure, through which the life energy travels out of the earth up the legs into the spine where it meets the energy coming in from the top/head, down into the third eye, and down the spine. That is why I previously suggested connecting up at the third eye area and the solar plexus, so that we unite all the energies along our 'thread'.

    Actually, in my experience there is no ascent or descent; the journey is simply vertically within. But to experience this one has to make the inner journey to . . . nowhere!

    It's a great paradox really, that there is no path, nowhere to go, nothing to do except go vertically within the depths of our own be-ingness ;-)