Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Hopeless Non Message!

I have no idea what is going to happen here. I am writing, which is great in itself, but I've no idea, on a personal level, what words will unfold, and what message, if any, will be conveyed. Interesting, isn't it, don't you think? That words, messages about self-knowledge, truth, a deeper reality . . they all unfold out of nothingness . .  .

. . . actually, everything in existence does exactly the same thing. Everything is simply unfolding-arriving-manifesting out of nothingness . . .

It's raining here; six thirty on a Sunday morning on the Herts-Essex border, not far outside London, England and here I am pressing keys on my PC . . simply being here and enjoying the moment . . but, there's always a but, even if you're not a goat, I appear to be message-less. 1Messageless-Yogi2Many, ha, ha  . . .

How beautiful, WOW, this is liberation . . I don't even have to have a message anymore, Wow, this is truly liberating . . . and wonderful indeed . . I always had something to say in the past . . ha, ha, the past, which doesn't even exist anymore . . . Woo-Hoo . . .

I have no message!
I never really had a message!!
There never will be a message!!!


Also, I'm not seeking anything. Seeking sort of lapsed long ago when I had the direct non experience of The Eternal Moment. The Eternal Moment . . . three words that simply describe all there is . . . but even they fail miserably to convey that which the seeker(?) needs to realise (or doesn't need to realise, ahem).

Ah, it seems that I'll write about that then:

The Eternal Moment.

What is Eternal is that which has no beginning and no end. It is this Moment, right here and now, but freed from a last moment that has never existed (although thinking is kind of convinced that it did exist), and free from an imagined future moment that is never going to exist (although thinking is kind of convinced that it will exist).

There is NO chain of moments!
There never has been a chain of moments!!
There never will be a future chain of moment!!!


There is only this, which may appear to your mind to be a moment in time . . . but there is, in reality . . . no such thing as time. Oh dear, how could I say such a thing? The cat is out of the bag, well, I'm sure I'm not the first to say such a thing as there is no such thing as time, but of course we all know that we live by time, don't we? We all have calenders, diaries, watches and clocks . . . devices created by the mind of Man to help affirm the existence of a concept created by the mind of Man. It's OK, I won't deny the existence of linear or chronological time, so don't worry, your mind will be left with some hope to cling to ;-) . . .

. . . if it's hope you're looking for? Well, is it? What do you think man's concept of time was created for? I'll let you into a little secret, it was created by Man to give himself some kind of hope for a future that does not exist . . . except within his own imagination, of course. The non existence of time, what does that mean for you then? It means that when you drop time, when you are no longer clinging to a past that is no more, or to a future that will never be, then you'll simply be and that will be the end of hope for you.

There is no hope!
There never was any hope!!
There never will be any hope!!!


So, there you go, all there really is is what is unfolding, which is this. Everything else is unreal. It is all bullshit. That's right, it is all the bullshit created by your mind, the mind of man, to give you some kind of false hope for a future that doesn't exist except as an aspect of your imagination. And we all know that imagination is not real, is it? If it were real it would not be called our imagination, ha, ha . . well I imagine that it wouldn't anyway . . . ;-)

So, where were we? Oh yes, let's recap: 

I have NO message.
There is no chain of moments.
Which, by default, would mean that there is no such thing as time, right?
And without time you have no hope.
Basically you're totally, Fcuk'd . . .

. . . but don't worry, don't be overly concerned by any of this non message stuff I'm scrawling on my PC, it's all so much BS in itself. The fact is though, that this non message BS is also all there is unfolding here . . .

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

No Problem!

   Earlier today I was reading a wonderful post on C. Om's blog 'What Is Really Good?', entitled  'The Contrast'. I would suggest that this blog is always worth a visit, you'll get plenty of self-knowledge and Wisdom there :-)

This blog post has been written as a result of my reading his own post.

My understanding is that physical existence is full of contrast; day and night, light and dark, even what goes up must come down . . . for example. That is not something that can easily be argued against in this physical 'actuality' we live in ;-)

I have realised, however, that it is within the conditioned mind where the contrast of 'opposites' creates real havoc; the mind is conditioned to think in terms of imagined rights and wrongs, good's and bad's . . . in other words the mind has likes and dislikes, and/or preferences . . yes? Well now, I say that all the problems in your external life unfold from this area of mankind's thinking principle/psyche. Let me explain why.

It has been said, "As within, so without", yes?

The conditioned mind has expectations which have an opposite polarity; disappointment. It gets excited and therefore eventually it becomes depressed. The conditioned mind is playing a game with a very dangerous psychological animal . . . its playing with something akin to a lion that has a cuddly tail, but the other end bites; expectations and excitement can seem fun, but when you come down from your high into disappointment and depression, well, the fun has concluded for a while. It is a see-saw ride that sucks the life and energy out of you.

I'll write from direct experience here, I can't speak for others, but when I reached a point of equilibrium-balance-harmony between all pairs of opposites within my mind, something extraordinary happened; they dissolved! I  descended into beingness, unity, wholeness . . NO More Polarities!

Remember as within so without? That's right, the realization of that equilibrium within brought about a shift in my life externally. No more problematic thinking meant no more problematic living. No internal unhappiness meant no more external unhappiness. That's what liberation is all about.

Unhappiness is caused by the thinker holding onto the last moment, or looking forward to the next moment, instead of simply being. In being, all that is left is this moment unfolding, just this happening. Now, look, this unfolding-happening, may or may not, include psychological and emotional pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness, it is true, but the secret is in letting it go again. In liberation one lets the emotion out, never to return again. Yes, even if there is physical pain!

Some people think that what I have described here sounds boring because there is no excitement (or depression) for the personality or I-Ego to get to grips with, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact one becomes more passionate about life and you are filled with the joy of simply being alive, especially as you are no longer controlled by fear, doubt, worry and anxiety, ha, ha . .and although fear may (or may not) arise within the psyche, there is no I-Ego there to claim ownership of it. There is no psychological or emotional attachment, and so it has no hold over you. Ah, such sweet freedom!

Such liberation does not prevent other human beings behaving as they do, but one understands their actions with clarity now. If there are problematic people in your life the shift within you will have an effect on them, they will either become less problematic, or they will go from your life; whatever one has to deal with, and sort out, one will, but that won't create psychological or emotional unhappiness within you; regardless of the need to state your case and stand your ground . . you understand?

Also, liberation from conditioned unhappiness does not prevent natural disasters in the external world from happening, how could it? But it allows one to deal with them as and when they occur. Everything simply is as it is, and one does what one does . . .

. . . no problem!

Monday, 22 February 2010

What 'is' . . .

A friend had a problem with a game on facebook called 'World at War', which they wanted to get off their system and this they eventually managed to do. They then asked me a question, which was probably tongue in cheek, but, Oops, I took the baton and ran with it. Then a second individual joined in and . . . well here is the result ;-)

The Original Question:

"No more World at War I can now be normal....... I think.. If there is a normal!!! Are we normal?? What is normal!!!!????"

Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
Normal is what you became . . natural is what you were before you became normal. Returning to the natural state requires you to delete the normal programming/conditioning. Once the normal programme/condition is deleted from your mind you'll know what it is to be natural again. Confused? You soon will be . . . . . ;-)
Second Questioner: *raises hand* I thought normal was just a setting on a washing machine....... ???
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
. . and so the washing machine of your mind is set to normal! It therefore rumbles along continuously, even when you think you've turned it off it is still rumbling along in the background . . . 

Questioner: But, I want an on/off switch for my mind. It rumbles on out-of-control.... LOL
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
Well there you go. And that is what 'normal' is.

Natural is 'being', which is a mind not rumbling out of control.

Normal is a mind rumbling out of control, it is therefore your master.

Natural is a mind that is centered in 'stillness'. The 'still' mind is at peace, it no longer rumbles out of control.

Every problem the individual person has is caused by a mind that is rumbling along. It is recycling its programme or conditioning; just like a washing machine churning around and around and . . .

Billions of personalities running billions of conflicting programmes, that are all rumbling along in the backgrounds of their minds, that is the cause of human conflict .... ;-)
Questioner: You might not think so, but I am slowly "getting" it. :)
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
What's there to get? You are already 'it' . . when you drop what you are not what remains? :-)
Questioner: Er, what IS?
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
Yes, what 'is', is ;-)
Questioner: haha! ;-) There's a certain amount of liberation in that thought. Do we still get to have a say in our 'is'-ness?
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
Who is it that wants to have a say?

What 'is' is!

How can one have a say? It simply 'is' . . . ...

. . perhaps having a 'say' is 'division'?

Questioner: Grr. But, 1yogi2many, I must say I am detecting a leaning toward "Zen" here... to have a 'say' is to control; therefore, causing 'division' is to have disrupted 'flow' of 'is.' ???
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
Ha, ha . . . there is only one greater Truth-Reality-Integrity of being, which may or may not be reflected to varying degrees within certain teachers or teachings. Once one realizes what 'is', is all there 'is', the teacher and the teaching are superfluous.

. . . that's just the way it 'is'! ;-)
Doug McMillan
Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan
By the way, there is nothing to learn about what 'is', but there is plenty to unlearn! Whatever 'this' sounds like, it isn't . . . .

. . . it is, however, what 'is'. 
Well that was it.  Did you notice how the questioner, at the end, becomes frustrated by the thought that they might have to surrender their I-Ego to what 'is'? They failed to respond again; letting go is not easy ;-)
Any observations you may have are welcome. Please remember, this was just a small quick fire conversation, mostly tongue in cheek, but my words are always pointing in the general direction of a deeper reality-truth-integrity of beingness.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I am not a teacher.
I don't have anything to teach.
I can't offer you anything.
There is nothing for you here.

 Are you ready to

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ego Trap!

"The Ego, Knowing only Ego, sees only Ego."

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Being in the Moment

Here I am, simply being in this moment as these words flow through me, and this state of being is remarkably simple; but, what is Being, and what is it to be in the moment?

I'll do my best to answer that question for you by describing my own realization of being, here it is:

Being is simple; it is the original state of innocence/simplicity; the state that some people call intuition, which is simply your inner sense, that sense of inner knowing without any interference from discursive thought or emotion. Unfortunately this is an inadequate description, ha, ha . . so I'll continue . . .

Being always has been, always is, and always will be. It has no beginning and no end, it is therefore, eternal.

The conditioned self, the personality with its sense of individuality is the complication; it is what has been added to that original innocence/simplicity.

The mind of man is an entanglement of the original state of innocence/being, what I am, and the conditioned personality/individuality, what I think I am but am not.

I  have realized that what I am is not complex at all, but that what I thought I was before I realized that I am being, was complex.

I dropped the complexity; what I was not.

I'm speaking of the conditioned person who was a seeker of something that could not be experienced because I already was this 'Be-ing' that I am.

All I had to do was let go of what I was not; but this I found to be extremely difficult and required a period in my life of seeking what I thought I needed, only to discover eventually, that I've always be-en!

Oh how I laughed at the absurdity of it all.

In my experience there is no right or wrong way to realize a greater truth-reality-integrity of being, although there are many so called paths that seem to keep leading people in circles . . .

For me the secret was in seeing what was false within my self and letting go of it. I'm not suggesting that is the only way, far from it . . .

. . . but moment by moment, day by day, month by month and year by year I dropped the false conditioned personality/individuality from my psyche. And gradually Be-ing, the real, shone through and finally stood alone as this Eternal Now Moment.

My own realization is that The Eternal Now Moment and Be-ing are one and the same, which is why I say that I am Consciousness or Present Moment Awareness or Being; take your pick, but please understand that words can only ever serve as pointers.

I have discovered that there is only one moment, The Eternal Now Moment, it just appears to the conditioned mind that there is more than one moment, or a chain of moments; but our reality is that everything is experienced in this moment as it unfolds, here and now.

One Moment
which has 
beginning or end, 
is the 
realized as the 
original state of  
All is One,
all is this  
One Moment
there is no separation, 
do you see this?

Sometimes this seems impossible for the conditioned individual or personality to grasp and come to terms with, and understandably so. This truth, this reality can only be experienced by dropping, or moving beyond, what I am not. And what I am not, is that very conditioning that one calls ones self, which is the persons sense of individuality.

and the
are not my reality.
They are simply what I appear to be,
based on the
that has been
on me.

In truth I, Doug McMillan, have no reality whatsoever, there is no one here, only Presence, Consciousness or Being unfolding as all form. That is all that resides here; that's it . . and everything simply unfolds through that being-ness.

There is only one moment, one being, all else is ignorance.

Now, for what it's worth to others, that is my realization and the message unfolding through me.