Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Being in the Moment

Here I am, simply being in this moment as these words flow through me, and this state of being is remarkably simple; but, what is Being, and what is it to be in the moment?

I'll do my best to answer that question for you by describing my own realization of being, here it is:

Being is simple; it is the original state of innocence/simplicity; the state that some people call intuition, which is simply your inner sense, that sense of inner knowing without any interference from discursive thought or emotion. Unfortunately this is an inadequate description, ha, ha . . so I'll continue . . .

Being always has been, always is, and always will be. It has no beginning and no end, it is therefore, eternal.

The conditioned self, the personality with its sense of individuality is the complication; it is what has been added to that original innocence/simplicity.

The mind of man is an entanglement of the original state of innocence/being, what I am, and the conditioned personality/individuality, what I think I am but am not.

I  have realized that what I am is not complex at all, but that what I thought I was before I realized that I am being, was complex.

I dropped the complexity; what I was not.

I'm speaking of the conditioned person who was a seeker of something that could not be experienced because I already was this 'Be-ing' that I am.

All I had to do was let go of what I was not; but this I found to be extremely difficult and required a period in my life of seeking what I thought I needed, only to discover eventually, that I've always be-en!

Oh how I laughed at the absurdity of it all.

In my experience there is no right or wrong way to realize a greater truth-reality-integrity of being, although there are many so called paths that seem to keep leading people in circles . . .

For me the secret was in seeing what was false within my self and letting go of it. I'm not suggesting that is the only way, far from it . . .

. . . but moment by moment, day by day, month by month and year by year I dropped the false conditioned personality/individuality from my psyche. And gradually Be-ing, the real, shone through and finally stood alone as this Eternal Now Moment.

My own realization is that The Eternal Now Moment and Be-ing are one and the same, which is why I say that I am Consciousness or Present Moment Awareness or Being; take your pick, but please understand that words can only ever serve as pointers.

I have discovered that there is only one moment, The Eternal Now Moment, it just appears to the conditioned mind that there is more than one moment, or a chain of moments; but our reality is that everything is experienced in this moment as it unfolds, here and now.

One Moment
which has 
beginning or end, 
is the 
realized as the 
original state of  
All is One,
all is this  
One Moment
there is no separation, 
do you see this?

Sometimes this seems impossible for the conditioned individual or personality to grasp and come to terms with, and understandably so. This truth, this reality can only be experienced by dropping, or moving beyond, what I am not. And what I am not, is that very conditioning that one calls ones self, which is the persons sense of individuality.

and the
are not my reality.
They are simply what I appear to be,
based on the
that has been
on me.

In truth I, Doug McMillan, have no reality whatsoever, there is no one here, only Presence, Consciousness or Being unfolding as all form. That is all that resides here; that's it . . and everything simply unfolds through that being-ness.

There is only one moment, one being, all else is ignorance.

Now, for what it's worth to others, that is my realization and the message unfolding through me.



  1. Dogen Zenji, founder of Soto Zen in Japan, often encouraged his monks to 'drop their body and mind' and to see beyond the form of conditioning and sense of self. thumbs up.

    On the other hand...yes, you know wave/particle & form/emptiness shit...when a bokken strikes my knuckles screaming his heard throughout the dojo :)

  2. Ha, ha . . do you ever get a sense of deja vue Shinzen? You know what I'm going to say even before I . . .

    On Ta-Wan's blog: http://dailycupoftao.blogspot.com/
    I said:

    The physical form feels physical pain, nothing wrong with that . . the conditioned personality/I-Ego feels psychological and emotional pain, that is ignorance . .

    . . and the real 'I', Pure Being/Tao, well I observe it all!

    I've broken two fingers (one in mid January), smashed up my ankle and I have had a damaged shoulder (still painful and restricted) all within less than a year and I've carried on as normal . . as the observer of it all.

    The physical pain is there, I see it, but it's not me . . I feel NO psychological pain, suffering or misery about it and therefore I carry on. It hasn't stopped me dancing with my partner either (well the ankle did for a short while ;-), although my closest friend looks on incredulously; so be it :-)

    What 'I' the reader 'am', is not physical, psychological or emotional . . . in my experience . . . the body is my instrument, a vehicle through which to experience existence. I am Being, and my being is of the moment, and in the moment there is only what 'is'.

    . . . I can no longer say that I never repeat myself, ahem ;-)

  3. Hmm... a familiar topic. A continuation from your comment on my blog, eh?

    And, this also reminds me of Dasein, or Being-in-the-world, as the existentialists call it; the line connects "Being" and "world" as one, because it is one, subjective and objective are one. They call it also, "Existence".

    Anyway, was the broken finger the reason you were away from blogging for a while? My, you're back quite fast, and still writing long. Very nice :)

  4. Hello Rizal,

    No, the broken finger didn't stop me, it is only a hair-line fracture, but it did swell, it became black and blue and is still tender to use. I don't take pain killers for it and occasionally the ladies grab it a little too strongly in the moment as we dance . . but I've continued with that as well. Life 'is' . . . I didn't scream out in pain when it happened and I continued right on in the moment . . . same as ever.

    I only speak from 'direct experience', even though I am a Trained Therapist, I don't allow opinions and beliefs to 'talk' through me. Therefore I speak from Being; the Presence of being in the moment, which is free of all that conditioned baggage.

    Also, although I'm aware of existentialism, I'm not one of them and I am not likely to quote them, or anyone else for that matter. If I do quote another it is simply because I've found that there is no better way to describe a truth; I only quote those who have nailed the subject 100%. They have to have Mastered their own 'self'.

    This post was written some time ago . . and is not related to my comment on your blog, although I do catch your inference :)

    . . . hey, I only stopped blogging for about ten days you know? It was just a 'break' . . . . . .

  5. Awesome experience. You gotta love it! :-)

  6. With age I've gotten better at living in the moment and still I obsess too often about what's to come.
    Take care,

  7. C. Om . . yes, I do love it and I know from reading your blog that you know exactly what it is like :-)

  8. Simone, it takes patience and practice to live in the moment, nothing comes without action . . . . and the action in this case is to keep bringing your attention back into this moment. Every time you catch your attention drifting out of this moment, bring it back. the secret is moment to moment action.

    May I suggest that you pop over to Sinzen's post; 'All is Kata' at http://broken-bokken.blogspot.com/2010/02/all-is-kata.html
    You'll find this very helpful I'm sure, it is a technique that works, it helps one to be in the moment :-)

  9. "Oh how I laughed at the absurdity of it all."

    I know that one :)
    The utter, idotic, absurdly impossible to previously grasp simplicity of it.
    Laughter breaks like a dam, bursting to release a lifetime of stress.
    Silly us, to have been unable to see it before.
    Nice work, big doug :)

  10. Hello Crow, and welcome to the show!!!

    Nice to see you here, and thank you for the comment . . one written with the insight of beingness :-) The irony is . . I don't really know why I'm even blogging any more? There's no one here writing, and no one to write for . . . but here I am . . there's just this; writing happens! I sense another blog post coming on . . . . . ;-)