Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Hopeless Non Message!

I have no idea what is going to happen here. I am writing, which is great in itself, but I've no idea, on a personal level, what words will unfold, and what message, if any, will be conveyed. Interesting, isn't it, don't you think? That words, messages about self-knowledge, truth, a deeper reality . . they all unfold out of nothingness . .  .

. . . actually, everything in existence does exactly the same thing. Everything is simply unfolding-arriving-manifesting out of nothingness . . .

It's raining here; six thirty on a Sunday morning on the Herts-Essex border, not far outside London, England and here I am pressing keys on my PC . . simply being here and enjoying the moment . . but, there's always a but, even if you're not a goat, I appear to be message-less. 1Messageless-Yogi2Many, ha, ha  . . .

How beautiful, WOW, this is liberation . . I don't even have to have a message anymore, Wow, this is truly liberating . . . and wonderful indeed . . I always had something to say in the past . . ha, ha, the past, which doesn't even exist anymore . . . Woo-Hoo . . .

I have no message!
I never really had a message!!
There never will be a message!!!


Also, I'm not seeking anything. Seeking sort of lapsed long ago when I had the direct non experience of The Eternal Moment. The Eternal Moment . . . three words that simply describe all there is . . . but even they fail miserably to convey that which the seeker(?) needs to realise (or doesn't need to realise, ahem).

Ah, it seems that I'll write about that then:

The Eternal Moment.

What is Eternal is that which has no beginning and no end. It is this Moment, right here and now, but freed from a last moment that has never existed (although thinking is kind of convinced that it did exist), and free from an imagined future moment that is never going to exist (although thinking is kind of convinced that it will exist).

There is NO chain of moments!
There never has been a chain of moments!!
There never will be a future chain of moment!!!


There is only this, which may appear to your mind to be a moment in time . . . but there is, in reality . . . no such thing as time. Oh dear, how could I say such a thing? The cat is out of the bag, well, I'm sure I'm not the first to say such a thing as there is no such thing as time, but of course we all know that we live by time, don't we? We all have calenders, diaries, watches and clocks . . . devices created by the mind of Man to help affirm the existence of a concept created by the mind of Man. It's OK, I won't deny the existence of linear or chronological time, so don't worry, your mind will be left with some hope to cling to ;-) . . .

. . . if it's hope you're looking for? Well, is it? What do you think man's concept of time was created for? I'll let you into a little secret, it was created by Man to give himself some kind of hope for a future that does not exist . . . except within his own imagination, of course. The non existence of time, what does that mean for you then? It means that when you drop time, when you are no longer clinging to a past that is no more, or to a future that will never be, then you'll simply be and that will be the end of hope for you.

There is no hope!
There never was any hope!!
There never will be any hope!!!


So, there you go, all there really is is what is unfolding, which is this. Everything else is unreal. It is all bullshit. That's right, it is all the bullshit created by your mind, the mind of man, to give you some kind of false hope for a future that doesn't exist except as an aspect of your imagination. And we all know that imagination is not real, is it? If it were real it would not be called our imagination, ha, ha . . well I imagine that it wouldn't anyway . . . ;-)

So, where were we? Oh yes, let's recap: 

I have NO message.
There is no chain of moments.
Which, by default, would mean that there is no such thing as time, right?
And without time you have no hope.
Basically you're totally, Fcuk'd . . .

. . . but don't worry, don't be overly concerned by any of this non message stuff I'm scrawling on my PC, it's all so much BS in itself. The fact is though, that this non message BS is also all there is unfolding here . . .


  1. A long way of saying BS :D

    Anyway, to me, even a message arises from the awareness itself... where else could it arise from? Writing with no message in mind, and writing with message in mind... are one and the same :D

  2. Fair enough Rizal . . as always I thank you for your contribution ;-)

  3. Hi Doug...I began sending you a comment, but it disappeared as I wrote, now hopelessly lost...and we're all better for it! :)

  4. Oh dear, Shinzen,

    I wish I'd said nothing now, in that way you wouldn't have wasted so much time writing a comment that none of us got to read . . . only for you to write another comment telling us you had nothing of value to say in the first place ...ha, ha!

    You may be one of the few individuals on here who truly grasp where I'm at. But don't count on it . . .

    . . . not that there is anything here to grasp, of course ...

  5. I know...we all write alot with nothing to say! But that's part of the fun of being hopeless...take care my friend. Keep writing anyway till all beings share in your hopelessness.

  6. Shinzen, what's the point, it's truly hopeless? Surely you have some words of hope up your proverbial sleeve for me? No? Oh what's the point . . ha, ha ;-)

  7. C. Ommmmmmmmmmmm . . . is there any 'hope' in that smiley face of yours? Thanks for the, um, smiley comment, he, he . . :-)

  8. LOL. It's more appreciation than hope Doug.

    I feel you when you say there's no hope cause there really is no future! Hope only applies to a non existent future.

    Appreciation, on the other hand, is all about right NOW! And since right NOW is all there really is, having an attitude of gratitude is way more real than hope!

    (and he does it!... Ommmmm drives the message-less message all the way hommmmme!)
    (crowd: YEAHHHH!)

  9. Woo-Hooooo . . go C. Ommmmmmm . .

    Congratulations, you've scored a home run . . and I have to say I'm with you 100%. Hey I'd be even more than 1oo% if it were truly mathematically possible! I truly appreciate your massive contribution to this post ....

    ... for I am, likewise an appreciator.

    Appreciation for what 'is', and total gratitude for 'this', regardless of any 'personal' discomfort, are the key to this non-message! We may be hopeless, but with true gratitude and appreciation, well . . . life is good simply as 'is'!

    Thanks for your contribution :-)

  10. Hello All,

    I would Just like to say thank you for participating :-)

    There is one last point I'll make here, it's about appreciation and gratitude, and my own direct non-experience of it.

    I've discovered in the natural state of Oneness-Beingness-Aliveness, that appreciation and gratitude simply 'are'. They are NOT an 'attitude', for ALL attitudes-beliefs-opinions are aspects of the conditioned personality.

    Therefore appreciation and gratitude simply arise out of beingness. I don't have to engender an attitude of gratitude, for example, unless I'm separate from it, yes?

    So, how can 'I' take ownership of something that simply 'is'? When there is no 'I' here to do so? In liberation, which in itself is also an illusion (because there never was any separation in the first place), there is no 'I', only what 'is' unfolding as 'this'.

    So, in 'Oneness' there is only 'this', and 'this' is aliveness unfolding as all form, as all aliveness; there is no separation. Separation is an illusion of 'I' who is seeking what 'I' already am . . which is Oneness . . .

    Well there you go, that's just what's unfolding here ;-)