I wrote the material below, on the subject of meditation, quite a few years ago . . whilst going through what I can only describe as a process; a process of self-destruction, where a dismantling of the conditioned personality was taking place. To be honest, well, I could drive a juggernaut right through the middle of it now, and pick several places to park. That said, there is great truth within the words I wrote back then . . for those of you who may be interested in a perusal.

I no longer meditate in a formal manner, I no longer need to because meditation is now continuous here, in this pocket of space known to you as Doug McMillan or '1Yogi2Many'.

In 'Truth' Doug McMillan does not exist, and '1Yogi2many' is simply a sense of humour gone wrong! You see, there's no one home here, the hamster is dead, ha, ha, it's true . . . the Wheel of Life keeps turning 'here', but the hamster is indeed Very D E A D !

What does that mean? It simply means that although I still have a personality, quirky as it is, I am no longer governed, and therefore controlled, by the personality.  As a consequence, I do not suffer from bouts of psychological and emotional pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness; I'm not problematic in my thinking, not because I don't think, but because my thinking is 'Not' discursive. Thought is not my master, I am the master of thought! Aha, do you see the difference now? 

Also, I don't hold onto the past and I don't yearn for the future; I am 'this' . . . I am 'What Is' . . . I am this Eternal Moment of Creation, which has no beginning and no end; and that is the end of 'Psychological and Emotional Time' as a way of life.  

Should you learn to meditate? There is no 'should' about it; there is no right or wrong. Formal forms of Meditation may be of benefit to you, then again, they may not . . . for me they were an essential stepping stone. But there are people who realise their 'Greater Reality-Truth-Integrity' without ever getting involved in Yoga, Meditation, Zen, Tai-Chi, Taoism etc. So, none of these disciplines are essential, although ones 'attachment' to them may like to think otherwise . . .

Tell me please, what are you moved to do, or moved to undertake? What you are 'moved to do', you will find yourself doing, you'll find that you have no choice in the matter; your choice is choice-less, regardless of how your thinking mind likes to think that it is in control. It is not. Life is in control. The life you are, the greater life-reality-truth-integrity within you is in control, and therefore you will find yourself doing what is right for you right NOW; haven't you noticed what the real time is? It is always 'NOW'?

Now . . .
On the subject of Meditation . . .

Meditation is a state of “perception” beyond the thinking mind.

Formal meditation is a stepping stone, or series of stepping stones, to an enlightened state of being where there is total freedom from all conditioning.

Meditation is a state of “presence” beyond the normal conditioned mind and emotions of man.

Meditation is a state of “attention” beyond thought and emotion.

Meditation is an intelligent state of “pure and clear perception” beyond the thinking mind, which leads to the realization of truth.

Formal meditation ends when I enter a state of being where there is no longer anything within “myself” to observe.

When “I” am observing myself thinking and/or getting emotional “I” am meditating on that which is not “I”. In so doing “I” am dissolving all that “I” am not.

Meditation initially is self-observation but only until such time as there is no longer anything to observe within myself. Then there is only “I”.

Meditation leads to stillness. Stillness is inner space. Just as all objects in existence sit in outer space, so all thoughts sit in the inner space of the mind and stillness is the pause or space between each thought that “I” am observing within the mind. When the thinking mind is perfectly still “I” am centered in the deep inner space of my being and this is the aim of meditation.

When I observe myself being selfish or dishonest, in that moment of observation “I” am in meditation. “I” see the false, the conditioned ignorance within myself, the I that is not “I” and “I” have the opportunity to see it with great clarity and then let it go.

In meditation there is nothing to be critical of, there is nothing to judge as good or bad, right or wrong. The task is to see all that is false, ignorant and conditioned within my personality or self and then let it go. In seeing the conditioned personality for what it is “I” begin to separate from it effortlessly and without judgment.

The task of individual consciousness is to expand as present moment awareness, and this is meditation in action.

The more “I” am aware of this moment, the more conscious “I” am, and the greater is my state of “Presence”.

The only way to be fully conscious is to still the mind, which is the object of meditation.

Only in the stillness of this moment, here & now, am “I” fully present.

Meditation is the “Way” of Being in the now. It is a way of entering a state of present moment awareness, which is free of discursive thinking and psychological/emotional unhappiness.

Meditation is the “Way” of bringing stillness into the thinking mind . . . for only the still mind can recognize the Truth.

Meditation is the “Way” into inner space, the space within and beyond the thinking mind, which is in a state of pristine stillness.

Meditation is the “Way” out of time and into the timeless state of Being.

Meditation is a “Way” to a place called here in a time called now, which is timeless.

Meditation descends through the underworld of the subconscious mind and into the “nothingness” of the unconscious, which is a timeless void of inner space; it is infinite in its depth.