Tuesday, 23 February 2010

No Problem!

   Earlier today I was reading a wonderful post on C. Om's blog 'What Is Really Good?', entitled  'The Contrast'. I would suggest that this blog is always worth a visit, you'll get plenty of self-knowledge and Wisdom there :-)

This blog post has been written as a result of my reading his own post.

My understanding is that physical existence is full of contrast; day and night, light and dark, even what goes up must come down . . . for example. That is not something that can easily be argued against in this physical 'actuality' we live in ;-)

I have realised, however, that it is within the conditioned mind where the contrast of 'opposites' creates real havoc; the mind is conditioned to think in terms of imagined rights and wrongs, good's and bad's . . . in other words the mind has likes and dislikes, and/or preferences . . yes? Well now, I say that all the problems in your external life unfold from this area of mankind's thinking principle/psyche. Let me explain why.

It has been said, "As within, so without", yes?

The conditioned mind has expectations which have an opposite polarity; disappointment. It gets excited and therefore eventually it becomes depressed. The conditioned mind is playing a game with a very dangerous psychological animal . . . its playing with something akin to a lion that has a cuddly tail, but the other end bites; expectations and excitement can seem fun, but when you come down from your high into disappointment and depression, well, the fun has concluded for a while. It is a see-saw ride that sucks the life and energy out of you.

I'll write from direct experience here, I can't speak for others, but when I reached a point of equilibrium-balance-harmony between all pairs of opposites within my mind, something extraordinary happened; they dissolved! I  descended into beingness, unity, wholeness . . NO More Polarities!

Remember as within so without? That's right, the realization of that equilibrium within brought about a shift in my life externally. No more problematic thinking meant no more problematic living. No internal unhappiness meant no more external unhappiness. That's what liberation is all about.

Unhappiness is caused by the thinker holding onto the last moment, or looking forward to the next moment, instead of simply being. In being, all that is left is this moment unfolding, just this happening. Now, look, this unfolding-happening, may or may not, include psychological and emotional pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness, it is true, but the secret is in letting it go again. In liberation one lets the emotion out, never to return again. Yes, even if there is physical pain!

Some people think that what I have described here sounds boring because there is no excitement (or depression) for the personality or I-Ego to get to grips with, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact one becomes more passionate about life and you are filled with the joy of simply being alive, especially as you are no longer controlled by fear, doubt, worry and anxiety, ha, ha . .and although fear may (or may not) arise within the psyche, there is no I-Ego there to claim ownership of it. There is no psychological or emotional attachment, and so it has no hold over you. Ah, such sweet freedom!

Such liberation does not prevent other human beings behaving as they do, but one understands their actions with clarity now. If there are problematic people in your life the shift within you will have an effect on them, they will either become less problematic, or they will go from your life; whatever one has to deal with, and sort out, one will, but that won't create psychological or emotional unhappiness within you; regardless of the need to state your case and stand your ground . . you understand?

Also, liberation from conditioned unhappiness does not prevent natural disasters in the external world from happening, how could it? But it allows one to deal with them as and when they occur. Everything simply is as it is, and one does what one does . . .

. . . no problem!


  1. Good post...yes, the dis-ease of the mind is our liking and disliking...I like that you mentioned how life is not boring when preferences drop...the ego, which loves this game of contrast has a very difficult time grasping this...because it can't. This moment is as it is and 'isssing'...it can't be 'ised'...hope that made sense.
    Hands palm to palm.

  2. No problem! lol I like that. And I appreciate the mention.

    Excellent post! People often overlook the fact that only your thoughts can upset you. But once this has become your experience, it becomes easier to repeat it from moment to moment.

  3. All polarities are simply interpretation of the mind. If there is no interpretation, it just is :p

    Seeing polarities as part of actuality could be harmless as long as one does not cling or attached to it. When one can view polarities as is, and realize the Oneness beyond, polarities do not result in conditioned emotional preference.

    After all, true freedom is the freedom from desire, from conditioned mind :D

  4. Yes Shinzen, it made sense . . WOW! ;-)And nothing you wrote was boring either . . . that's a double Wow-zer! There is only what is . . .

  5. Thanks C. Om, I appreciate you dropping by and making comment.

    Yes, thought, the problem maker! But that's OK, thought has its place, just as long as it isn't the 'Master', so to speak. Like a naughty dog that keeps running off the path, it has to be brought to heel and taught to listen to the real or true Master; Being.

    . . now, people, don't go telling me there is no such thing as a naughty dog, that was just to illustrate a point ;-)

  6. Rizal . . my point exactly, I thank you; all polarities are indeed interpretations of the mind :-)

    True freedom? Simply being 'this' unfolding, simply being 'this' happening or simply
    'be-ing' with or without interpretation . . and with acceptance of what is, 'is':-)

  7. once this has become your experience, it becomes easier to repeat it from moment to moment.

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  8. Hello Kanishk,

    Thanks for passing through . . . interesting point you've made there.

    You know, some people, and I was one of them, 'think' that there is a moment to moment process involved. But my realisation now is that there is only 'this', which is unfolding. There is no moment to moment, no last moment, no next moment . . . that is why it is called 'Eternal'.

    The Eternal Moment does NOT have a last moment or a next moment, how could it, there is only the unfolding of that which has no beginning and no end . . . and it is not possible to truly label that. The best labels may be beingness, oneness, wholeness . . .

    This is happening . . . beingness is unfolding . . . seemingly ;-)