Friday, 20 November 2009

Un-Poetic Truth ;-)

I am the formless one . . .

. . . yes, it's me again!

I see myself in the reflection of a life
I create.
But I am NOT there in that life I live,
I am here . . .

. . . Observing myself in the theater of life,
simultaneously on the stage
and yet
I find myself here in the audience.

How can this be, if there is only me?

I am in two places at once,

. . . seemingly . . .



  1. I am liking these words, you. Something I have pondered on myself, at some time or another.

  2. 'Some time or another . . .

    . . . Which would be 'NOW', wouldn't it Saraha?;-)

    . . . thank you very much for passing by my blog and participating. Your poetry is exceptional, I'm promoting your blog on here, facebook and next it will be twitter.

    Keep up the good work,

    Doug :-)

  3. (I have a new name "Ta Wan" (my wife's nickname for me) - you'll know me as the person who used to post as "Tao")

    Reading the blurb at the bottom of yer blog and I was intrigued by the Mid brain not Fore brain bit.

    Then I just sat for some time with that mid brain, crownish, glow and no particular thoughts. I've been there numerous times before but never noticed the physiological(?) of it being a different part of the brain in action and only previously noted the nice feeling.

    Also there is one, watermellon in size but lighter than heium rooted in the low center of my chest and arcing out. Does this have a name too?

    I know some would say chakras but I wondered if you had any unique ideas on that - or further things on this subject..?

  4. Hi Ta-Wan,

    Nice new name . . can you tell me what your new name means, or represents, I'm intrigued?

    Having the direct experience that you had is wonderful :-)
    . . so, let us look at the difference between the frontal lobes of the brain and the mid brain.

    I am also aware of the difference between the two regions within my own brain and mind; it is observable isn't it?

    The fore brain is all activity, it is the seat of the thinking mind, the 'chattering chimpanzee' resides there; you know the one.

    The mid brain is that region which is in a state of Pure and Clear Perception, Alert Stillness and Present Moment Awareness; physically it relates to where the pineal gland is.

    When I, the reader, am lost in thought I am stuck in the frontal lobes, but when I shift my attention into the mid-region of the brain I enter a very peaceful state of being. Out of this state of peace and tranquility of mind something begins to bubble up; I call it 'The Joy of Being' and this Joy-Bliss-Love is experienced in an area near the heart. I believe this is what you may be describing? Does it come as an energy or vibration?

    I just 'am' this Joy . . it is simply being there, and it always makes me smile effortlessly; it just 'is'.

    What about placing your attention into the solar plexus region of your body, have you done this?

    I start by shifting my attention out of the fore brain and into the pristine stillness of the mid-brain. When I am centered in stillness I drop my attention down into my solar plexus and become one with the sensation that vibrates there. I sink into this vibration and it grows, or expands . .

    I now bring the two together; stillness of mind and the sensation within the flesh of my body and hold this state.

    Do this for yourself, and Observe what happens, feel the bliss, or joy or love or whatever other word works for you . . but feel it and notice that it is everywhere within you . . .

    Everything you feel as a 'sensational-vibrational' energy is YOU, as vast as the universe . .

    . . You are the one sensation that is perfectly still, no thought, and so full of Joy; the joy of simply being; and being is a sensational-vibration energy.

    This is my experience and I hope it helps my friend :-)

  5. Yes I relate to it fully. I wrote a post once saying to use the solar plexus as a root because "it does not have thoughts".

    It's funny I also have this trick of throwing my attention up from the front of my head over my eyes and down into the back of my head, a sort of mental motion that gets to where you are pointing too :)

    I just haven't found someone to talk to about this who gets it. And it's very nice to hear your clear ways of describing it, thanks.

  6. Yes . . that would do the trick nicely . .

    . . throwing your attention up from the frontal lobes and down into the back would definitely bring your attention into contact with the mid brain; very good indeed Ta-Wan . . thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

    I also like that comment about the solar plexus not having any thoughts . . it is of course a root we should all become aware of.

    And thanks for the link; I'd better get over to it right now :-)

  7. Ta (Mr) Wan (Glasses) - This is my wife's nickname for me, one of the more polite ones :D

    TaWan, in Thai is Mr Glasses.

  8. Ta Wan,

    I thank you. I also wear glasses when I'm driving or if I watch TV, but I don't need them otherwise. I do eye exercises every day and I 'tap' certain accupressure points, working through the body from top to toe so to speak. Do you follow any routines at all . . anything that connects your energies or mind-body-spirit etc.?

    I still want to call you 'Tao' . . I suspect it's because your work does embody that principle . . The Integrity of the Tao.

    I'll just have to call you Ta-Wan Tao . . .

    . . . WOW, that's a mouthful!! ;-)

  9. You have a way with words Sir. 'I see myself in the reflection of a life I create.' I love that line and I imagine that is how each parent must feel about their little one. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely week.

  10. I thank you my dear Romantic Soul . .

    . . yes, it's true, we do feel that way about our children . . although the truth is; we are the life we create, and not the children that may or may not be created as a result of the life we live :-)