Thursday, 19 November 2009

'Who Am I?'

In my last Post we looked at the question:

'Who Am I? 

Let us continue with this theme.

If you've read my material before, then you'll know that it is my direct experience that what 'I', the reader of these words 'Am' . . is so Pure that it is easy to overlook it completely. I'm writing about your Awareness, your natural and original state of purity and innocence; Pure Awareness, which simply means awareness that is unadulterated by discursive thought*.

Together let us take a look at these four statements made in the language of the first person:

1. I, the reader, am Pure Awareness.
2. Only Pure Awareness is Real.
3. Pure Awareness is already Perfect.
4. Pure Awareness is the solution.

1. I, the reader, am Pure Awareness. 

It is 'I', Pure Awareness, who is Aware of the impurity, which is discursive thought. Take away discursive thought and what is left?

'Pure Awareness.'

2. Only Pure Awareness is real.

Awareness is of the moment, here and now. If I am unaware of thinking now, then I am lost in thought, not Aware!

Which am I?

3.Pure Awareness is already Perfect.

You can't add anything to it to make it more Pure!

Pure Awareness + Discursive Thought = Imperfection.

What is the state that is perfect?

Awareness - Discursive Thought = Pure or Perfect Awareness!

4. Pure Awareness is The Solution.

What Solution? The solution to what?

Your Pure Awareness is the natural and original state out of which The Solution to your life unfolds. And that means that this state, being perfect or pure is the miracle of life.

All you have to do is, 
quite literally,  
and your life will unfold  
Nothing more is required, 

do you see?

Realization**, or the direct experience, of this perfect or pure state is The Solution; and it means no more problematic living or psychological and emotional unhappiness, ever.

It sounds too good to be true of course, but the fact is that all problems have a source or root cause. If you dig out the roots of your problems, well, your life becomes perfect because the weeds will no longer be able to grow!

Let me explain:

You have gathered a past, it is your conditioning, it contains everything you've experienced in your life up to this moment since birth. That gathering of past experiences also includes all your impressions of life, and they have created a home within your psyche. That home has an identifiable name; the sub-conscious mind.

All those impressions including your discursive thoughts and emotions reside there in your sub-conscious to form your personality, the person you think you are. That is your mistaken identity; personality, your conditioned past; the person you presently think you are is simply your conditioned past, not your reality.

You are not the person you think you are.

That's right, you are not the personality, not the person you've always mistakenly identified with; you are not that conditioned mix of attitudes, beliefs, opinions, fears, doubts and worries. That is not You.

Who Am 'I' Then if I am NOT A Person? 

By now you should know the answer to that question, yes?

'I' Am Pure Awareness.


*Discursive thought can be described as thought with a will of its own, such as aimless and problematic thinking; circling thoughts, inner conversations, imaginings. It also includes all your emotional fears, doubts and worries etc.

** Realization is 'Direct Experience'. When you realized that water is wet it was because you experienced 'water is wet'. Real-i-zation is also the direct experience of the real 'I', which can be found within the word realization. Who you really are, the 'real I', is the experiencer. 


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  3. You guys were made for each other...but of course we're all the same, just different.

  4. For sure we are Shinzen.

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