Monday, 2 November 2009

An Autumnal Stroll . . .

It Was Just Another Day,
another normal day in my life and 

I was out on foot, doing a few errands, nothing special, just simple things like checking if my car was still 'safe', parked as it was, a little distance from home. It's best not to ask why; it was by the way, you know, safe, which I had expected, because:

'What you acknowledge is what you get!'

  Well, that's my experience anyway.

I also had a letter to pop through the door of a local resident, living in an adjacent road. Well the post man had obviously dropped the letter whilst on his rounds, and my partner Nicola had found it you see, so I had the simple task of delivering it . . .

. . . but then, on my way home I found myself taking a detour, walking along the river Stort, here in Hertfordshire, and I spontaneously made my way into the surrounding countryside. About thirty minutes into my walk I paused to rest on a fallen branch of a tree on the path that runs parallel with the river, where I watched some Mallards and Coots frolicking . . . whilst fish broke the surface of the water, sending ripples out towards the river bank.

As I sat there in the autumnal silence of the countryside,
my mind fell perfectly still.
I took in the fresh air, whilst observing the bright sunshine, blue skies
with occasional white clouds floating by,
listening to bird song;

. . . and then it happened . . .

I could feel the sensational life energy vibrating within me,
which isn't unusual,
I'm used to that
but that energy was now one with the fallen tree I was resting on.

My hands were facing palms down onto the hard wood . . . but all I could feel through my body and down into the tree was a vibration, an energy if you will, and it was getting stronger. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation within my vibrational-body as it seemed to merge more and more with not only the tree, but the ground my feet were resting on.

I was one with the energy of that fallen tree
One with the earth I stood on.
It was a
Sensational Experience.

I opened my eyes, I could feel this state of  
running throughout my entire

And although I could see diversity all around me,
I mean diversity of
Physical Forms,
There was only
Within Me.

After a few minutes, my mind at peace and feeling refreshed, I strolled home.


I used the word sensational deliberately.
The experience was a sensation that reverberated right through my physical body.
It was not
an emotional feeling,
it was
a sensational feeling.
And this 
feels totally different to any
physical vibration,
emotional feeling
that one would
be able to relate to in
everyday life.

As a man of
I have to tell you that 
I am one with this sensation in my life,
I feel this
life energy

vibration of life
as the background to my whole life,
is what
I Am.

This sensational-vibrational life energy,
which reverberates within and through each of us,
is the
Presence of Being
The Eternal Now Moment.




  1. 'The Eternal Now Moment' it links us to our true-self and others.
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best.

  2. Hello again, and thank you for popping in and contributing your thoughts. Yes, what you say is my message exactly; by keeping ones attention centered in 'The Eternal Now Moment' one realizes ones 'True Nature' as a state of 'Presence' beyond the limitations of the conditioned mind. Thanks, and I hope to see you on here again.


    PS. I am now following your excellent blog . . . all the best for now.