Thursday, 22 October 2009


Death is simply the opposite polarity to birth.
One is simply the beginning of physical existence and the other is the end of that phase,
you can see this for yourself,

The question I have to ask is:

The only answer you can come up with is:
The fact is, you have no such memory;

You have no such memory because memory is a function of the physical form that is born and dies.
So, you'll never be able to recollect not being . . but if you enter the state of being
right here, right NOW,
then you'll 'realize' that being is before and after death.

Being is what 'I', the individual wo/man, am.
It is the state 'I Am'.

Do you see this, because entering this state is the purpose of human life on earth?

Only the body and the mistaken identity, our conditioned personality, can die.

There is no death for Being, for Being . . .

Which is why
'I Am'.



  1. Full agreement there too, you are far more concise in most of your posts although I can avoid waffle sometimes too :)

  2. Tao . . I find your wisdom to be comprehensive and to the point. Thank you for visiting this blog and joining in. I will continue to visit your blog and promote it on here now that we have made contact . . keep up the good blogging :-)

  3. I agree with Tao...very concise and written with clarity. I will return to your blog often.

  4. Shinzen, I thank you.

    I too have created a link to your blog. I do this because, having spent some time perusing your work, I've realized that you write with integrity . . and with a great sense of humour . . .

    . . . Well you're a Python fan, so you can't be all bad ;-)