Friday, 25 September 2009


'You're never unhappy, right?

That's rubbish! Of course you are unhappy from time to time . . unhappiness being that aspect of yourself that feels psychological and emotional pain, misery and suffering at any time; that is unhappiness acting through you. 

Unhappiness takes possession of your mind and emotions . . even your actions . . and you in turn inflict your unhappy condition on those around you; don't you, from time to time? No? Wow, that makes you pretty perfect then . . . . . . um, that was me being a little tongue in cheek ;-) . . .

. . . so don't feel offended by what I write or say, don't take offense unless you are going to make use of your taking offense by observing just what it is within you that is taking offense! 

If you can observe your self being offended in any given situation, you can then separate from it, separate from the thing that is feeling offended, or angry, or unhappy; and that is the beginning of self-mastery

You begin to master your self by observing your self thinking problematically and getting emotional. That is just the beginning though :-) 

You will only become the Master of yourself through this process of self-observation and self-separation . . . which eventually leads to a fresh and new state of unity, wholeness and completeness of being; a re-integration.'  


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