Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Limerick of Sorts

This Double Limerick was inspired by the kind words of Ta-Wan on my last post ;-)

An Abstraction.

Your sublime words are too kind
For a man to which the world is blind.
Seeing is believing?
No; believing is self deceiving!
Reality, it seems, is so hard to find.

Am I an abstraction, not whole and complete?
A walking 'sod' of the earth, universal meat? 
A Microcosm
Of the Macrocosm,
Ah, maybe, and yet I am One Eternal Moment . . . 
. . . and that's pretty neat!



  1. Believing is indeed self deceiving!

    I told this to numerous people and they give me even harder preachings to restore my belief. Doh.

  2. Hello again Rizal,

    Many years ago a Great Man once told me that "You can only believe in what you haven't got'. I now know exactly what he means . . .