Tuesday, 18 May 2010

What Do You Think You Need?

"You can only seek
which you

. . . think . . .

you are



  1. One cannot seek what one already is.

    Love this sweet little lines of yours :)

  2. Exactly Rizal....

    ....and yet people do. They are abundance, and yet they seek it by many names, they are enlightenment itself, and yet they seek to be enlightened....why? Because they 'think and feel' separate from what they are.

    Thank you for your participation :-)

  3. TRUE:

    Yet... they look through a dirty window and expect to find something. We have to point them back to the one behind the window, and not to the window or the view.

    Nice post.

  4. Thanks Ta Wan,

    That is a very helpful comment, much appreciated although....

    ....isn't the one looking through the dirty window the one behind the window? ;-P

    Hey, look...YES, I'm always saying the same sort of things in my own quirky ways...there is a dirty window and therefore a 'conditioned' view through that window. Most people appear to have lost their 'connection' with the one that is 'behind' the dirty window.....

    Many, many, thanks for the observation.

  5. Yeah your dirty windows analogy was in the left column of your blog when I wrote so I thought I'd mention it :)

    This idea of uniting that which was never separate or fixing that which was never broken is persistent in seekers, even their name, seekers.

  6. Absolutely bang on the nail again, 'how can one fix that which was never broken?' brilliant :-)

  7. All of the above! The observations here are priceless. There's always a new and useful way to say the same thing, right? :-)

    Great post!

  8. Yes C. Om, isn't there just? I'm beginning to feel somewhat redundant now . . .