Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What's Happening?

The other day I was driving in my car, and listening to my music on the CD player whilst making a journey to see my children . . .

Hold on did I just say, I? My car? My music? My Children? Ha, ha . . don't you just love our misuse of words? I'll start again ;-)

The car was being driven. Being was at the wheel. Driving was happening, a CD was playing, music was happening . . the journey was unfolding. All there was, was the unfolding of this

OK, I'm writing retrospectively, of something that is now only a memory, and as I sit here writing . . . there is nothing else. Yesterday is no more. Unfolding of being is, and it is the unfolding of words on a blog post. As this unfolds in your psyche, there is nothing else, only this. This is the unfolding of reading these words, and the sitting on that seat. Is this too simple for the mind to accept?

I have a mind to tell you that there is no mind. That's right, there is no such thing as you having a mind, which, by default, also means that those thoughts you're so attached to in the psyche are not yours either . . . there's a real smile going on here in this One-ness through which these words are unfolding :-) . . .

. . . but 'no mind', means exactly that; no individual mind. There may well be thought happening, but in liberation there is no ownership of those thoughts. Who is driving the car when driving is happening? No one, driving is certainly happening, but in liberation there is 'no individual' driving it, no individual takes ownership of the car or the driving; there is only the appearance of driving taking place. Being is at the wheel, apparently :-), sorry but these words that keep flowing out of nothingness keep this silly smile on this silly face . . a face that one no longer take ownership of, ha, ha . . some other poor soul can do that ;-)

And what of 'my children', how can one Not take ownership of them? How can one not be attached to ones offspring? Look, in liberation, parenting continues right on as before . . but without taking ownership; for the child is simply oneness happening . . unconditionally.

In liberation everything is seen to be the unfolding of nothingness as everything, and this is simultaneously unconditionally loving.

So, one communicates this here, like a finger pointing towards the distant moon, but actually, in reality, the moon is also within, the external child is also One. There is no separation, no individuality . . . except when one thinks there is; and in so doing one separates . . and makes two . . when, in reality, there is only one. But . . .

One already knows this, doesn't one?

It is through attachment to what appears to be external stimuli, that one takes ownership of words such as mind and thought . . turning them into mine, when there is only, in reality, one-ness . . hmmm?

In liberation, I am no more, and one is everything and nothing all at


  1. Doug, some kind of strange Blogger error "bX-gc7okd" I can't publish any of your comments that you left on my blog. Please post again if you wish or I may be able to rescue them once the error goes away..

  2. "I" was wondering when 'you' were going to write again...but then came across this post. In Gassho.

  3. Wow, yeah, very strange here as well Ta Wan . . yeah, it should clear up, if not, well then it doesn't ;-)

  4. Yes Shinzen, the duality of language, isn't it wonderful? One can only hope that one can read it as oneness being everything and nothing, can't one? ;-)

  5. Okay, I got the point. And "you" may go as far to say that there is no one to get the point :D

    To me though; what is needed is not "advaita-ish correct" words/language, as it is impossible. I'd say myself that I was driving car, listening to music, seeing my girlfriend (sorry, no children yet :p)... with less and less feeling of ownership. Words are just pointers anyway, saying it anyhow doesn't actually change its status. What really matters is the awareness (and one can go as far saying that "there is no awareness. Doh!).

    If I try to use a more "advaita-ish correct" language, I wouldn't say "car was driven, music was happening", because there is no car, there is no music, there is girlfriend... only fluctuation of Consciousness, only Being. Oh wait, even there is no word "Being".

    Ah, what a blunder :D

  6. Ta-Wan: I had the same issues with Doug's comments too. Some published...some didn't. Doug's spiritual juju must be about playing tricks on our blogs...LOL.

  7. My children: oneness arising as them wanting me to chauffeur them around everywhere.

  8. Hi Rizal, really good to have you spread your 'mojo' here, ha, ha ... has your cage been rattled? ;-)

    OK, using the language of duality; I'm not an advaita-ist by the way (smiling), although I understand why you might think that about this particular post (in fact the advaita types struggle with my approach). I'm not an 'anythinkist' either, and haven't been for a whole lifetime. I was never even a Yogi, and never have been, even when I practice yoga I do it with complete simply happens, or it doesn't, ha, ha.

    Look, yes, words are just pointers, very true...and the words here are the flow of being...they were written just for 'you', obviously, who else could they have been written for, which is why I'm so pleased that you got the non-point, ahem ;-)

    There is something that has happened here Rizal, within this being known to you as 'Doug', it is totally indescribable, and these posts are an 'attempted' description of that, and that alone....anything that anyone else reads into these words is, actually, inconsequential....

    The realisation of being 'IS' the annihilation of the individual; FACT. It's the complete psychological and emotional death of individuality, and it is wonderful beyond words. No more individual attachment, no more ownership of thoughts, feelings, unhappiness or happiness . . no more attachment to being enlightened, and/or someone else not being enlightened, none of that crap. Yes, I'm simply describing the indescribable, but not for 'anyone in particular'... ;-)

  9. Hi All,

    You know, it's interesting that not everyone gets this about me, but everything I write, tongue in cheek! This particular post was actually a serious, um, moment of humour regarding the language of duality and non-duality...don't take any of it too seriously.....One doesn't, does one? Of course there are 'Very Important'(ha,ha) pointers in there as well...

    The clue is in the label, '1Yogi2Many'...I'm even taking the proverbial out of myself; as Ta Wan once said, 'As if the World needs another Yogi?' He got it! The world doesn't need another yogi, master, teacher, therapist, Taoist etc etc.

    Of course one has to use the words of duality, how the fcuk could we communicate if we didn't? But when I'm writing my tongue in cheek blog posts, and making important (ahem) points, about life, the universe and everything, well then I do so using free licence to roam and with access to all areas, ha, ha ;-)

    Hey, here's a little known fact for those of you not in the know:

    "Nothing thought, written or said is all that important, especially if one thinks it is!!!"
    That's a '1Yogi2Many' special for ya!

  10. Ha, ha . . a nice comment Suzanne, I love your sense of humour, which is simply the humour of nothingness happening!

    People, if you haven't already, well then you should, get over to her great blog, even if she is no one in particular, I'm sure it'll be worth the effort ;-)