Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Fruit of Life

Hello to all followers of the '1Yogi2Many' blog.

I would like to thank all of you for turning up here, some of you on a regular basis, many of you on a sporadic basis . . . but most of you, um . . .  once in a blue moon? ;-)

Yes, well, many thanks to all.

In recent months there has been a shift taking place within this being known as Doug McMillan. It's been such a shift that I have had less and less to write on this particular blog! I have no intention of giving it up, I do enjoy writing on the subject of Unity, liberation, oneness, wholeness and being-ness, but recently I have also found myself preparing another blog. I didn't plan it, it simply happened. So please, don't ask me why I've started a new blog, there is no why, it is simply an unfolding of being.

My new blog is simply called . . . the fruit of life . . . and it is about, um, fruit? Well yes . . . and no!

It's about ways. Ways? Yes, ways . . . ways to enjoy life and living. There are ways in which each of us can enjoy the fruit of our everyday life, ways to improve our state of wellbeing, and our physical, psychological and emotional health. My new blog is a way for each of us to share tips and tricks that will help us to get more out of life and living . . .

. . . but it's much more than that. I'll be letting my natural characteristics, my Quirky Sense of Humour, have free reign here; it's a blog for everyone, the language is appropriate for a wider audience and it is meant to be light hearted. So, yes, sorry but there will be many very bad puns, jokes, and quirky comments I'm afraid, and I'll have you (perhaps) laughing one moment, and groaning the next; but it's all meant to be good natured and fun loving innocence. There will also be aha moments, and messages of truth to be found within my posts. It's a work in progress, aren't most blogs? And it will no doubt evolve in due course . . . into what? I have no idea!

It would be great if some, if not all of you wonderful people, would follow my new blog . . . but please only do so if you find it of real value. My first post is entitled:

No doubt you're getting a feel for the nature of this particular blog simply from it's name and the title of the first post, ha, ha :-)
OK, I'd better stop, I look forward to our continued connection through the blogger-sphere.


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