Friday, 11 January 2013

The Pseudomorph... 1Yogi2Many is just another Changling; he's morphed into the unfolding . . .

     I'd like to bring to your attention the unfolding of another blog: The Unfolding. I've only just got this going, it's still in first gear, put together for the new year (have a happy one people), so I'd love some help getting it through the gears and into fifth - please!

Here is my latest blog post on The Unfolding:



     In our last post we were talking about Ramana Maharshi's statement, "You are already what you seek", but the question I'm asking now is, is that true?

Well now, first of all are you a seeker? You may well be a new seeker for all I know, or an old seeker, or no seeker at all - hey, first up - what is a Seeker?

A seeker, as far as we are concerned here on this particular blogpost, is someone whoseeks to know and understand the truth of life; they're generally perceived to be seekers of enlightenment or liberation etc. (and that'll do as far as I'm concerned).

It has been said that we are all seeking enlightenment, even those of us whom think we are not, because in our quest for personal pleasure, love and success some teachers have implied that what we are really, or truly, looking for is a deeper reality, which is said to be enlightenment/liberation. So, in that sense we are all said to be seeking.

I used to be one, a seeker. In the early days I started out as a new seeker, but with time I got older and became a slightly older seeker, these days I no longer seek; I'm an Old Non-Seeker! Why?

Why am I no longer seeking to become enlightened, is it because I am now enlightened? No - no, not at all, well not on a personal level - that's for sure ha, ha, and that's because there's no such thing as personal enlightenment! If there's such a thing as enlightenment it is discovered beyond the person and the personal . . .

I would say that I am self-realised, but what does that mean? Self-realisation is simply a light-bulb moment when the real 'I' is real-i-sed! The twist of irony here is that the real 'I' is NO I at all! In fact, this moment of real-I-isation is the end of all I think I am, and thus the end of that which seeks anything outside of what I already am . . . which is?

Good question! What one is, when one realises what one really is, is pretty close to nothingness, for want of a better label. Another label, you want another label? Okay, how about Being, any good to you? Or Oneness maybe? Fact is, well, words don't really fit here - not perfectly anyway, and that's because what one is, is in fact beyond labels and labelling. It is what is left when the need to label everything has dissipated from within you.

All of this can sound very confusing - explaining it is so simple (smirk); maybe you need to know that all there is, in reality (which is real-I-ty) is what is unfolding as this present moment. And this present moment is all there is, ahemmm . . .

. . . hopefully you're Smiling now!


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