Monday, 14 November 2011

Torn Asunder

Distant houses vanish into this misty morn
Trill song of the Blackbird is beautifully born
Hum of motorway traffic Trundles along
Crow joining in with it's Raucous song
Leaf, unnoticed, flutters gently asunder,
From life's Branch it is Torn.



  1. I had a dream a few years ago, where I was this leaf, just like the one in the picture. Torn from the branch, but floating high above the! One of the best dreams ever. Your post reminded me...your pic is almost exactly the type of leaf I was...maybe still am.

  2. Hi David ... I've been very lax in my blogging activities, most of my poetry is going up on facebook these days.

    Amazing about the leaf, hm...were you a leaf in a past life? ;-)

    Thanks for the comment!