Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Enlightenment Paradox

No such

Know that . .  

. . . and so . . . 

. . they
go in search
of it.



  1. Hmm, yes. Humbling thought, and quite true. :)

  2. Kinda like in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king? Thought-provoking, indeed! :)

  3. Hi TnT,

    Once upon a time, I went in search of what I already was... ;-)

  4. Hello Anon,

    Nice comment/ is 'kinda' like that, 'sorta', although, in truth, no one is disadvantaged here. It's just that people believe they are their individual personalities, they know no's a sort of forgetfulness. We, each of us, forget our true and original nature as pure being, which is also our innocence or inner-sense. The mask of accumulated personality takes precedence, and becomes dominant, thus ones true nature, is 'Masked' by the ignorance of personality

    Also, the personalty thinks it is separate and apart from those 'other' people/personalities it perceives around it, but in truth 'Being' is Oneness; there is NO separation.

    Personality is simply a 'tag on', something added to your Reality. Personality is not good or bad, right or's simply a cover up, a mask, a pretence.

    Often, but not always, an individual person hears about enlightenment, thinks it is lacking this 'magic' ingredient, and goes in search of what it 'thinks' it's lacking.

    Nothing is lacking, although there is an entanglement of personality and Being within each of us; an ENTANGLEMENT. People's Psyche's are so entangled that they can't tell the one from the other, the mask of personality from their innocent state of being; therefore most people live their lives in confusion. One day/moment they feel the lightness of being and they are joyful, the next day/moment they are lost in the mask of personality, and they get excited, depressed etc.

    Being is loving and Responsive.
    Personality is Reactive.

    Nothing is right or wrong about any of this, and no one can do anything about it, although the enlightened personality often 'thinks' it can ;-)